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Manara Food Processing L.L.C.

Established in 2014 by visionary Emiratis, Manara is a state-of the art manufacturing Facility based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates that offers various products for the fruit preserves. Our wide range of products includes diverse fruit jams, fillings, marmalades and others.

At Marana, our goal first and foremost is to ensure that our customers receive only safe, high quality products. We control potential biological, physical and chemical hazards through our rigorous HACCP program. This preventative program guarantees that our food products are safe from food-safety hazards. Our dedicated team of experts meet regularly with the sole purpose of monitoring and enforcing quality controls in food safety as well as other areas of our business.


 Our Strength

  • Modern & state-of-the-art processing facility.

  • The expert team maintains the quality of the products consistently in the course of production.

  • Hands-on experience in developing custom recipes or products needed for varied applications.
  • The efficient and flexible delivery system for clients.
  • Located in the heart of Dubai – DIP-1 to effectively serve local and international clients.