Quality, Innovation and Sustainability

As 100% Emirati owned manufacturing establishment based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, we are proud to be at the heart of the progress and vision of our country to supersede expectations and to strive towards innovative developments in every industry and sector.

At Manara Food Processing L.L.C., we have manufactured a range of preserves that are overfilled with the finest ingredients sourced from the best sources both local and across the globe. Inspired by recipes set by global standards combined with the demands of the market, Manara  wishes to broaden and maximize the scope currently offered in the food service and bakery industry. With an unrivaled local presence in manufacturing, we believe our local presence can enhance both the quality as well as the efficiency of our local partners and clients.

It is our constant goal and aim to adapt to the customer’s needs however much we can and to constantly evolve our range of products and services. Thus so far we have given our undivided effort and attention in producing varieties and packages of Fruit Jams, Bake-stable Jams, Diabetic-friendly Jams, Marmalades, Bake-stable Fruit Fillings, Syrups, Purees, Glazes, etc.